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Hello Hypno Lovers

Welcome to Spring. I know most are probably under snow still. On the west coast we have had some interesting weather to say the least. Those watching the Olympics saw many flowers out in the middle of February and well we had an early spring. Not like we are complaining at all. However, it came down to First Day of Spring and I was like yes I am going to celebrate it. I had gone out for lunch with a few friends then came home and logged in for a few calls. Then the realization the weather man was wrong. No Rain had me heading out for a nice walk around the water. Ya wrong move when its the low 50’s and storm coming. The wind was cold. So needless to say my friends are killing themselves laughing at me. Well those that called me as I sat in my car with the seat warmer on and the defrost and every known heat source going. Really should of grabbed the scarf I was looking at and the mittens. I had fun. Listening to my ipod and pretty much marching along.

Tonight, I was super excited to have a message from an old caller. Haven’t heard from him in forever it seems. James! I have written about him in the past, he will do body transformation hypnosis fantasies. Ones in which he will transform into a werewolf. Now even though James hadn’t been calling he had been reading and following my hypnosis blog and keeping up with some of the calls that I had been doing. Girl likes to hear that. So he stumbled up some succubus fantasies I had done with Joe. So James mind got to thinking that he would like to try that. So in his call tonight it was a succubus hypnosis transformation call. (Perfect way to spend my rather rainy night actually.)

So the fantasy that developed was on in which I transform James into a succubus rather than just use him to gain sexual strength and power from. I was seducing him in my beautiful black bustier and long skirt. My silver skin glowing with the anticipation of my next victim. He really didnt stand much of a chance with me. Now in the midst of using him that is when the hypnosis call took on a vampire vibe for rather than draining him of his life, instead I bit him and transformed him into a sexy female succubus.

I know didn’t see that one coming did you? It left James completely mind fucked.

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