Succubus Fantasy

Hello Hypno Lovers

I got a sweet surprise the other night when on the other end of my phone was Mr.P, some may remember the name from some previous hypnosis blogs. Well his schedule allowed him some time to indulge in his favorite fetish, hypnosis.

I could tell the minute he heard me say Hello that sense of longing took over. His body remembered that deep hypnotic trance even though it had been some time. The mind and body never forgets where I put it. “Savannah put me in that deep trance.” Really those are the words I love to hear. For its in those deep hypnotic trances that I have the most fun. Mentally fucking a mind. For P it was that erotic journey down that hallway into a succubus fantasy. My transformation from a sensual tease that lures Mr P in so that I can take his energy to become a powerful succubus.

Mesmerize you soon, Savannah*


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