Sissy Boy Feminzation Hypnosis with Savannah

How many sissy boys wish they were able to transform their body? That they could instantly have those perfect big bimbo tits that they see all those porn stars have? Course you know that you cant quite do that since being a sissy boy isnt a full time thing for you. I mean yes you wish you could transition full time but you cant.

Well that is where feminization hypnosis comes in.

sissy boy femization hypnosis

See with a little erotic hypnosis triggers you can have the body you always dreamed of but with out the long last effects. It only lasts for as long as you wish to play dress up so to speak. So that pretty bra that you see in the store that you wish you had the tits for? Boom I can create those for you. Every time you slip that bra on you can be triggered to feel super sexy and ultra busty.

All you have to do is describe the vision you have of that sexy slutty sissy boy you envision yourself to be. Dont hold anything back and through the use of my erotic hypnosis trance I will create her. So when ever you fall under my control you will become her. Feel her. Sense her.

OH and if she is a bit of a cock whore you might wanna let me know that too cause hey you might want those super plumped up cock sucker lips to go with that persona. Just saying you wont want to leave out a single detail.

So grab that pretty outfit your eyeing up in the store and lets have some fun through a feminization hypnosis trance. Lets make you one very pretty sissy boy.

Just ask for Savannah!

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