Sensual Tease and Denial Hypnosis

Hello Hypnosis Lovers

My hypnotic voice has been working its way into a certain someone who has a fondness for pantyhose. That is how our phone sex hypnosis session start was to be a sensual tease and denial around his pantyhose fetish . Taking him into the hypnotic world where its so much more than just listening to me create a sensual fantasy around pantyhose but submerge him into the erotic phone fantasy with the help of hypnosis.

For that is what hypnosis does. Enhances ones phone sex fantasy to new heights. Evoking all your senses. Now granted my pantyhose lover is often unable to contain himself for once I start describing how my legs are encased in pantyhose his cock is becoming more and more erect with every hypnotic word from my lips.

Now as I sit here there is a cool breeze coming in the window letting me know that I will soon be wearing my stockings and pantyhose for more than those erotic phone calls.


So that leads me to ask what fantasy or fetish do you want to submerge yourself into tonight?

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