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The weekend was so amazing here on the West Coast that Saturday I took a break from those phonesex hypnosis call and headed to the lake. All day I had been doing some mind trances and the sun was just calling my name so threw on my lululemon yoga pants and sneakers and off I went with my ipod for a run. There is nothing like it to just completely unwind from it all. I think actually my favorite part is the cool down. Where I am just walking around that lake. Music off. And listening to the lake lap on the rocky shore. Its my serenity.
Now after I found my piece of sanctuary at the lake when I logged back in for more mind controlling hypnosis I ended up with a caller who was looking to capture what I had just experienced. That break from reality. Wanting to completely relax and focus on one thing that was completely serene that would make him forget the day to day chaos. He wanted his own lake. Now being that he was new to hypnosis there is a few things that I go over with someone. For a phone sex hypnosis session can be rather intense so it all about creating a relaxed state for someone. I do ask a lot of questions during a first session as I try to gear that first session to some place your comfortable. I find that if you are doing a fantasy or fetish that you would normally talk about during a phone sex call than you are able to truly enjoy hypnosis. So with my caller looking to escape it was all about finding out what he truly liked. Asking him questions and get a feeling on what hypnotic fantasy to create just for him.

After a few questions there was on thing that became clear. To have him fall into a sensual hypnosis phone sex session. For he is someone who loves being involved with that one special person. The intensity that comes from being in love with his girlfriend. Since there was no girlfriend in his life doesnt mean there isnt that special someone that catches his eye. I know has a few of you going hmmm there is that girl that I have been fantasizing about. Little hypnotic twist on those fantasy and you will feel those luscious lips of hers on your cock.

After his sensual hypnosis call it manage to capture exactly what my caller was looking for the chance to escape in a deep relaxed state and the chance to fall into that girlfriend experience that excites him as well.

In need of an escape? Wanting to unwind? Try a hypnosis phone sex call a try. Each call is catered towards your inner desires.

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