Become Savannah’s Hypnotized Sex Slave

Shall admit after one rather horny weekend. I really do blame the weather its perfect curl up in bed and fuck type thing. Now as luck should have it my go to pillow pal was out of town. Which did leave my in a bit of a pout for there are times were you just want the feel of a man’s hands on your body and well his tongue doing glorious things to you.

hypnotized sex slave

Yes I could of gone out and found some random fuck but the idea of getting all dolled up to find some guy who could hopefully pleasure me was just unappealing. Especially when I have my pillow pal so well trained in what makes my body sing.

So as I laid in my bed in a dreamy like state my mind wandered to this idea of what it would be like to take full control of a guy’s mind and make him being my helpless sex slave. Hypnotize him so that he will be at my beckon call any time of the day. When ever my pussy tingles for attention one little click of my fingers and he comes running.

Hmmmm oh what an awesome idea it was to have a hypnotized sex slave.

I know your probably wishing you could be my mindless boy toy where your soul purpose is pleasuring my pussy in any way I deem necessary. It could be using nothing more than your tongue for hours on end to have me orgasming repeatedly OR if your ever so lucky having me ride your cock till my body is exhausted.

Oh and the joy of your being hypnotized is that not only is your mind controlled by me but also your orgasms. So you will be unable to orgasm till I say you can. Well IF I say you can. See how awesome this is. Now to find the few that will be able to handle my strong sexual demands.


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