Here is how to prepare for a hypnosis phone sex call.

First off a hypno session works best if your in a comfortable place now most people find it more relaxing to be laying in bed but if you have a comfortable chair then that works well too. For your comfort is key to achieving deep hypnotic trace. Now clothing is optional. Depending on your fantasy.

Headsets also work well for a hypno session but not mandatory. You may find that after your first session you will wish to acquire one.

Any items you wish to use during a call have them handy so that your not having to hunt for them during a session. This could pertain to toys, clothing, what ever is ideal for your specific phone sex fantasy.

Now as far as a call is concern a 30 minute session is minimum. For an initial trace will take about 10 or so minutes. This varies dependent on your state of relaxation. I have been doing this long enough to know your level hypnotic trance. The rest of the time we will explore your fantasy.

I use a classic method of hypnosis. Many find not only the trance but my voice very relaxing and will go under very easily. I will spend a few minutes on the phone explaining the process to you. This allows you to get to know my voice but you will feel the power of my voice immediately. For even when I start explaining the process you will feel yourself going under my control.

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  1. Hi. I’ve always been curious about hypnosis as I have a rather odd fetish that can never be realized. I get turned on by extreemly large feet. I’d love to be hypnotized to actually see pretty girls feet as if they were half the size of their bodies. Maybe a trigger word that puts me in a state that can see this? Or… could I be hypnotized to believe that I am a pretty young girl who has huge feet? There are other odd things I’d like to experiment with… let me know if any of this is possible. Thanks! PJ

  2. With your eyes hypnotized me,
    your beauty has bewitched me,
    I slave to your hair
    and I fell at your feet

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