Panty Stealing Hypno

Got to indulge in a fun fantasy the other day with Peter. He has been calling me for awhile but never for hypno. We would dive into some taboo panty stealing fantasy but for what ever reason he was asking about hypnosis and if I thought it would work for his fantasy. Now if you know me you know I think hypno works for near any fantasy or fetish. Least I havent meet one I did enjoy doing under a trance.

So Peter opted to try my hypnotic trance and under he went, quite easily I might add. Now with his love of stealing panties we have done quite a few lately where he would get busted by the person as his fingers were in their panty drawer or laundry hamper. So of course it only seemed logical to take him to a point of feeling that rush of stealing and the humiliation of being caught.

Had him regress to the point where he remembered first stealing those panties and he was in his late teens. Peter would often dive into the laundry room and hunt for what ever panties he could find. All well and good but in your fantasy its more fun to kick it up a notch dont you think?

So I had Peter regressed back to that age and instead of the laundry room he was in his sister’s bed room stealing those panties. Having him wander around her room looking for the perfect pair. The panty drawer? Nope not the right ones. The laundry hamper? Nope too old. Him laying on his belly looking under the bed! Yup that is the best place to find the freshest panties in which to steal and use for what ever it maybe sniffing or masturbating or both.

Score he found a pair of panties as he pulled them out to sniff them guess who is standing at the door looking at him with disgust? Yup! His sister who had been watching him since the moment he reached under her bed.

Oh you should of heard the moan from Peter when I told him that for in his mind he was in that pink lacy room. His hardon being rubbed into the beige carpet as he reached for the cotton panties under the bed.

My voice suddenly became her’s in his mind. Yelling what do you think your doing? Get my panties away from your nose! That is so disgusting. Ewww!

It was in that moment he was sent over the edge and orgasming at the thought of being caught.

Peter I cant wait to see what other taboo panty stealing fantasies we come up with in the future. Course I wont blame you if you want to return back to that pink bedroom either.


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