Hypnotic Werewolf Transformation

Hello Hypnosis Lovers

I generally know that when the moon is full my phone will be ringing with a certain someone. For its when the sky is bright with the full moon that he can’t ignore his need for a phone sex transformation. Those that have read my hypnosis blog are rather familiar with him popping up from time to time with his werewolf transformations. This full moon had my shewolf seeking something more erotic. A more sensual hypnotic phone sex roleplay. Its inevitable he will become a werewolf but its the how and when in the phonesex fantasy that always changes. Will it be being bitten by another wolf? Or how about my shewolf ravaging another person during a transformation? Honestly the possibilities are endless and each werewolf phone sex call has us discovering another chapter in which to take the call.

Do you have a scifi phone sex idea you been wanting to explore? Love to hear it from succubus to werewolves to well any other things you can think of; I love to hear what scifi creatures captivate your erotic mind.


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