Hypnotic Triggers

Hello Hypno Lovers

Tonight I got to take a new mind under my control. Bill had been under hypnosis a number of times over the last two years. He like some had found a HypnoMistress he liked but due to circumstances beyond his control found himself looking for a new HypnoMistress as his had opted to go other ways. That is when his search had him landing on myself. So glad it did. For I love taking new callers under whether they are new the hypno fetish or have experience like Bill.

As for Bill’s fantasy he was looking for someone to play with some hypnotic triggers. Now anyone familiar with my hypnosis knows I love to play with post hypnotic triggers. There is just something so interesting about putting you into a deep hypnotic state than bring you out and toying with those triggers. Teasing your mind with them. So once I heard that I part of the fantasy I was eager to hear the rest. He wanted to be my pet dog. In every sense of the word. Planting triggers to have him obey my commands. Now I can’t say what the commands are for I dont want Bill to be reading them. Rather ruins the fun of the post hypnotic suggestions really. However, I can say he was one very good boy and obeyed every command that I gave him. Well that was till he did what all bad dogs did and started to hump the furniture.

Who else has had a fantasy that dealt with post hypnotic triggers? I would love to hear about it just ask for Savannah.



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