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Hello Hypno Lovers

I got an interesting question from a new caller tonight. Well it was prior to his call as he was instant messaging me some questions he had about erotic hypnosis. He was new to hypnosis and sort of didnt know what to expect in the way of a call. Now I know he is probably not the only one to wonder this so here I am writing about it.

I will have to say how a hypnosis phone sex call goes for each person is going to be very different. It really depends on the type of fantasy or fetish someone has and how they want to experience it. The experience part is probably the key. For some, fetishes play so nicely with the use of hypnotic triggers such as a tease and denial, orgasm denial type of phone encounter. Where as, someone looking to more explore a particular fantasy, say they have an erotic vision of fucking the secretary at work this lays best to creating a vivid imagery within your mind.

Now keep in mind this is just two styles but I find they lend themselves best when it comes to fantasies. I do strive to create an intense hypnotic phone sex session with you and will vary my style to match your fantasy or fetish.

So what fantasy or fetish do you want to explore with hypnosis?

Mesmerize you soon, Savannah*


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  1. Curious minds want to know. Can I be hypnotized and seduced to submit to my girlfriend? To be tied and tickled and then under her gaze submit to pleasuring her without having ejaculation pleasure myself until she deems it is time?

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