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Hello Hypno Lovers

I got to enjoy a wonderful day at the spa on Tuesday thanks to G. He has fallen deeply under my hypnotic control. He often finds my voice dancing across his mind at while at work. Some would find that to be exciting but for G that causes a bit of a problem for even just thinking of my seductive voice he becomes aroused. Now its even worse for him to think of my perfectly manicured hands and how soft they would be to TOUCH him. Thanks again G.

G was like most guys who call me for hypnosis. Was intriqued by erotic hypnosis and did search after search when he landed on my site. As he looked through my blogs and bio realized that I was the woman to take complete control of him. G assumed it would be a few hours of fun one nite. Really having no pre conceived idea on what a hypnosis call would be. Little did he know that first session would lead to a hypnosis addiction or shall we say a Savannah addiction.

I always love getting new hypnosis caller. The wonderful thing about a new caller is you just never know what type of fantasy or fetish they may want to explore while under hypnosis. From the sensual to the extreme and everything in between. I truly don’t think that hypnosis is geared for one fantasy or fetish. I have yet to find a fantasy that didnt blend well with hypnosis. Reading my hypno blog will give you a good idea of some of the fantasies and fetishes I have done with a hypnotized mind.

I look forward to getting my hypnotic triggers on your mind very soon, Savannah*

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