Hypnotic Control

Hello Hypnosis Lovers

Well the Olympics are over and have to say feeling that Olympic withdrawl. For most of the games I was laid out with laryngitis so I had nothing more to do other than sit around in my cami and panties while watching the games. Yes they were red and white to show my Canadian spirit.

Now my voice is back to a 100% hypnotically addictive. Nothing like toying with minds once again. I know there were a few people that were missing that control I have over their minds.

Pushing them.

Toying with them.

Touching them.

One person knows who they are. No names or initials have to be said. That feeling will just overwhelm their body. That feeling as if I am standing behind them whispering in their ear. I know you can feel my touch of my breath on your cheek. Have to wonder where my hands are.

Amazing how feeling my hypnotic control over you for 8 months can have such an amazing effect on your very mind even when your not with me. Reading my blogs can have your cock feeling as if I am there touching you. How at the weirdest moments I fill your mind. Have to make you wonder though is it your mind running amok or did I put a hypnotic suggestion in there?

I shall leave you with that thought for the day.

Just ask for Savannah


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