Hypnosis Transformation

Hello Hypno Lovers

Now I am starting to think that when the wind is howling and its just well not very nice out that I am going to get a call from James. Yes, James it seems to be that way the last few calls we have had the weather has been a bit well … perfect for our calls. All its almost a full moon!

So our hypnosis transformation was along the same lines as our last, where I am a sexy succubus and instead of killing dear James transform him into another mythical creature. Well James had taken some thought on this and well it was really what he was wearing that dictated where the call was going to go. I know have you wondering it was a sexy lycra/spandex cougar suit that he had gotten off line. I really do have to see a picture of you in it. For the site looked interesting but I do love to see how my callers are dressed up for calls. Adds that certain something really. So it was all about my sexy succubus self transforming James from James into a demonic pet cougar.


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