Hypno Phone Fuck

Hello Hypno Lovers

There is nothing quite like getting those little instant messages from someone to let you know that they are craving a call with you. How they are seeking that special hypnotic touch. The memories come back of that last erotic hypnosis session. More like they come washing over your mind and your cock is just begging you to call.

That is sort of how it was for my caller last night, John. Seems he was reading some of my hypnosis blogs and well that sort of lead him into the need to fall under my trance . With John its all about the erotic fantasy. Allowing him the joy of knowing my body in the most intimate of moments. How his lips just glide up my soft legs as he works his way ever so slowly to that one most erotic spot.

Even though its erotic and sensual doesnt mean it can’t be a hypno phone fuck .

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