Hypno Goddess Savnnah Makes You a Hypnotized Sex Toy

I wanna use you.

That got your attention now didnt it? The thought that your Hypno Goddess would take control of your mind just so she could use your body for what she wants. For yes I do have my own personal desires. Some times I want nothing more than to have a man just want to pleasure me for hours on end.

Be it with his tongue, fingers and well his cock.

hypno goddess

But see I know you better than you know yourself. You will be so eager to please me that your mind will start racing and your cock will start throbbing. Once that throbbing starts you will kick into over drive unable to control your orgasms.

So that is where I step in and control your cock for you with my erotic trance. Sure you think I am whispering dirty nothings into your ear that only get you more worked up but really I am only enhancing those orgasm controlling triggers that I embedded from earlier. Ensuring that I reach my pleasure over and over again.

Which makes you nothing more than my obedient hypnotized sex toy.

Fucking me on command.

Well actually orgasming on command.

Bet that gets your cock throbbing.

Best be calling your Hypno Goddess right away so you can get my hypnotic triggers embedded in your mind right away. Please remember for an erotic hypnosis phone sex call it takes some time so have a minimum of 30 minutes set aside to enjoy the full benefits of this erotic fetish fantasy.


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