Hypnosis is a wonderful way to explore shrinking and giantess fetishes. For I can give you the sensation of becoming that 3 inch elf or the little bug running to escape my amazon stride or sliding you into my pocket for safe keeping.Ā  This is another fetish where there is a huge area to explore from swallowing and eating the tiny you to having different parts of my body or all of me become bigger and bigger.

Please express your fetish desires and limits, as I have no limits and no taboos.

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  1. Dear Goddess Savanah,

    I would like to schedule a 30 minute hypnonsis phone session with you sometime. I would like to explore the shrinking fetish with you. I like to be shrunk down to 3-6 inches tall and then have a normal-sized woman (now a giantess) treat me as her pet. I like “gentle giantess” scenarios. I also like watching you interacting with other giants and giantesses culminating with group sex. Can you do hypnosis over the phone that is effective? Thx. mark

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