Hypno Fetish

Hello Hypno Lovers

What a fun filled week for me. It was Canada Day on Wednesday so signed off early to catch some backyard drinks with friends while watching the fireworks. I have told my friends a number of times that they are simply not allowed to move for they have the most wonderful spot to watch the fireworks. Nothing like sitting there with a martini and watching the fireworks. So much more relaxed. For those that have talked to me know I am a pretty relaxed person.

I have been getting asked more and more. Will hypnosis work for my fetish or my fantasy? Now I have been doing this long enough to simply say yes. No matter what your fantasy is I can cater the hypnosis call to you. Thats what it is about. There is no cookie cutter fantasies with me, each and every hypno session I do is specific to you. No reading of scripts. Ever. Most men find that just the way I talk is trancing enough.

The other day, I had a guy come into chat that was interested in how hypnosis would work for his particular fetish, for he is a dom. Now will admit that I am use to men that are looking to fall into a more submissive roll or just having a certain fantasy that they wish to live out and I guide them through that. So this was an interesting treat. I always love exploring new ways to push where my hypnotic trance can go. So after a few minutes of thought on how I could create the ultimate in hypnotic phone sex fantasy for him. He was quick to call. The Dom had laid out exactly the things he liked and craved in his phone sex sessions with a submissive.

After our 30 minute hypnosis session , Dom soon realized why exactly I love hypnosis so much. The intensity of the fantasy that you just cant get any where else. This is what brings back my callers over and over again. Not just for the fact that I get hypnosis and love it but that I ensure that each and every call that I do, you see that intensity.

Mesmerize you soon, Savannah*


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