Hands Free Orgasms and Transformation Hypnosis

Hello Hypno Sluts

I swear everytime I go to do a blog. The phone rings, I am not complaining but I have restarted this blog about 6 times now. My mission tonight is to at least be able to post a blog.. What can I say for what ever reason the stars aligned or my mass amount of blogs have paid off or the fact the word is out there but I am getting more and more new hypno callers lately. I love that I get to spin my web of hypnotic trance on some new minds as well as those that have already experienced my mind altering hypno. I would love to know where you are finding me. That way I know where to keep up the efforts. So when you call let me know.

As far as calls I have had a wide variety of calls the last little while. Last night when I got home I was greeted by an instant message from a guy looking to explore a hands free orgasm. Now I always like to find out what drew someone to hypnosis for as they say the devil is in the details, especially for a person new to hypnosis. I can then take these details and create an intense hypno session just for them. For my hands free orgasm seeker, he wanted to have longer orgasms as well. Well his body was convulsing for those long orgasm after orgasm. Yes, why only explore those hands free orgasms once when multiple times is so much better.

The other unique call I had was one that came with the full moon, my werewolf sissy called for his hypnotic transformation. This time things were taken from a sensual werewolf lovemaking to a more cannibalistic take on his fantasy. This sissy was to make love to a human and well lets say the end result was a bit graphic for a blog.

I know two very extreme phone sex hypno fantasies but that is how things can be some nites for me. One minute I am picking up the phone and getting someone into a sexual hypnosis phone sex fantasy and the next I have someone looking for a pure sci-fi related fantasy. Love them all.

Well I made it through the blog. I am going to end it here before I tempt fate too much. In need of some munchies have to check the fridge for something. I have been hooked on a new cereal and been eating far too much of it. Kashi Cinnamon Bites its about addictive as I am.

Mesmerize you soon, Savannah*


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