Glory Hole Fantasy

Hello Hypno Lovers

Perhaps its spring fever that had Jason venturing out to the adult book store for something different. Different is what he got when he entered in there. For he had been watching glory hole porn and how thick cock would be sliding through the walls for him to jerk and stroke.

But that wasnt the case for Jason. Well actually he never made it into a room to enjoy a cock. Jason was too distracted by walking by the doorless rooms and seeing men jerking their cocks.Ā  Those men didn’t hide what they were doing. They had their pants down and cocks in their hands happily jerking their cocks for who ever walked by.

So Jason never got to his own room. He ended up standing outside one guys room and watched him masturbate his cock. Watched him use his precum as a lube. Sure he had watched gay porn and seen guys jerk but to see someone in front of you jerking their cock was far more intense.

He was completely captivated but left before the guy blew his load as it started to get busy there and Jason just felt odd standing in the hall watching.

I know your going what does this have to do with phone sex hypnosis?

Well Jason was wanting to hold on the glory hole moment and well push it a bit farther than it did when he was there. He wished he had stayed to watch that mystery masturbater blow that jizz load. So that is when he turned to erotic hypnosis. He wanted me to spin a hypnotic glory hole trance where he would be able to enjoy watching that guy shoot a white ribbon from his cock.

Now for those that know me know that I might of pushed his glory hole fantasy a bit more too. I know Jason enjoyed it for he was having one intense orgasm.

Jason cant wait to hear about your next trip to the adult book store.


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