Giantess Hypnosis

Hello Hypno Lovers

Well tonight I had a new hypno caller who saw that I do giantess fetish and erotic hypnosis together which had him wanting to experience this seductive Canadian. Now it is always interesting the type of giantess fetish that I am going to get and its not so much the type of call but the fantasy that is around the caller being small. For R he wanted to be 1 inch tall. So tiny. But I was a giantess that had a collection of itty bitty men, I stored them all in an aquarium. Where else would you store 20 naked men that are so tiny? Every morning I would tease the men. Standing in front of them deciding who i would pull out of the aquarium for that special man was going to be my breakfast. But I have a horrible problem of playing with my food. Toying with him like a cat with a mouse. Before swallowing him hole. Then of course I had to pick my next victim, I mean special little shrunken man for he got a special treat, to ride in my panties all day. Of course there was a special surprise waiting for little panty boy. For this giantess phone sex call took on a vore fetish feel too it.

Mesmerize you soon, Savannah*


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