Giantess Fetish

Hello Hypno Lovers

I had a wonderful few days away. I decided that it was time to go spend a few gift cards down in Seattle. So a friend and I jumped in the car and hit the border for a girls weekend. Nothing like casual wandering through the stores looking at some wonderful sandals for summer. We did make it a total pamper and head off to the spa for a massage and facial. I have been back on the phones for a few days but still trying to catch up on all that I have missed. Those regular callers that missed me over the weekend have been keeping me busy.
I got to spin my hypnotic trance on another new mind. I always love getting someone new to erotic hypnosis. They have been searching on line for a certain fetish and come across erotic hypnosis. Then the wonder starts how will that work with my fetish? A few more searches and they find me ~ Hypno Goddess Savannah. On this call, I got to blend together giantess fetish and hypnosis. In my mind the two meld so easily together. My hypnotic trance being the special potion that shrinks you down before me. So that I can do, well really anything. Keeping you for a special little elf or just making you an appetizer. What will I do with you?
Mesmerize you soon Savannah*

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