Feminization Hypnosis Trance with Savannah

The other day I got to do a feminization hypnosis trance on someone. Now erotic hypnosis is great for those who love to feel feminine or dress up all girly but dont have the time to do so. Lets face it getting pretty is time consuming and often the hours of the day just dont allow for our fun time.

feminization hypnosis trance

So that is where a feminization hypnosis trance comes in. You dont have to get all dressed up you can simply fall under my erotic hypnosis spell and let me mentally guide you into that state of dress up. It can be putting you into the outfit of your dream or transforming your body into something super feminine aka bimbo ish.

Over the years I have run into quite a few sissy boys that go in phases of being able to keep clothes for dress up then having to ditch them. So they will call for an erotic trance that will allow them to imagine being dressed up again with out the hassle of shopping or hiding their pretty things.

I know that for some the idea of going out shopping and dressing up is half the fun with being a sissy boy and feminizing yourself but sometimes you just cant. Like being out on the road travelling with work. Your time is precious and you cant devote the time to find the perfect outfit.

Course I will say if you tuck away some panties during your Walmart or Target snack run then your feminization hypnosis trance can be even more intense. It is panties after all and you can tuck them in the back of your suitcase with no one the wiser.

But I totally understand if you wanna just go with nothing. Let me fuck with your mind and create the vision of you being a bimbo slut working the corner or some graceful debutante getting ready for a night out with the girls. Anything is possible.

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