Explore Feminization Fantasies through Erotic Hypnosis

Often times erotic hypnosis is used to have you experience a fantasy or fetish you simply dont have time to engage in fully. Yes I know sounds rather cryptic on a basic level but for those that have a fetish that requires set up you understand where I am coming from.

feminization phone sex hypnosis

One such fetish that benefits from hypnosis is those who engage in feminization. Dressing up in women’s clothing to some degree. I mean this is a fantasy that you simply need the alone time for. As in room mates or other half being gone for the weekend type of thing. Or even just having an evening of dolling yourself up with no other commitments.

With an erotic hynosis phone sex call you can spend 30 or more minutes diving into your feminine world with nothing more than some lingerie and lipstick on. Hell push come to shove the clothing is rather optional but if I know my sissy boys like I do you want a little sense of sexy femininity against your skin.

As for the feminization fantasy we can go anywhere from just walking you through  your dress up routine to well having you fall all the way into being a sissy slut. The sky really is the limit when your under a hypnotic trance.

Always bearing in mine that I will stay within your comfort levels so that you get the most out of your feminization hypnosis phone sex session. If your new to erotic hypnosis I move at your speed for I want you to enjoy hypno as much as I do.

Now if your ready give me a call and lets explore your feminization fantasies together. Please ensure to have a minimum of 30  minutes set aside for a hypnosis phone sex call, be some where comfortable and I will take care of the rest.


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