Erotic Trance with Hypno Goddess Savannah

Spring is here on the west coast. The flowers are blooming and it just feels so good to be out in the wonderful sun again. That joy only being in nature brings. Course some of you know the joy my erotic trance brings you as well.

erotic trance

The way your drift down under my hypnotic spell and feel yourself letting go to explore your wonderful sexy fantasies. Never matters what fantasy it is you just know that I will bring my own twist to it. Have you falling deeper and deeper with each hypnotic phone sex call.

Often times we take the same fantasy and just let you drift deeper into the trance vs changing up the fantasy. While others love altering the fantasy so they can get that new rush of goosebumps along their skin. There is no right or wrong way to use erotic hypnosis for your sexual adventure just as long as your enjoying the enhancement its bringing you.

For those that are rather new to the idea of erotic hypnosis phone sex and unsure what can be done. I will say this. When you call be prepared to have your toys with you if you opt to play with any. Be in a setting that you can get comfortable in be it your bed or chair. Then the option of clothing is your some enjoy getting dressed up should that be their fantasy while others want to be free to explore their naked body.

I will say that if its your first time falling into my erotic trance that I will usually stick close to fantasies and fetishes you would normally explore or have interest in. My goal is for you to enjoy the hypnosis experience and not take you somewhere new with the fantasies. That can definitely happen at a later time should you enjoy the hypnotic experience but for a first time its all about taking you somewhere comfortable and familiar.

With our time together I do go over these things which will ease any concerns you have. Please bring any questions you have for I am more than happy to answer them.

Looking forward to putting you under my hypnotic spell


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