Erotic Hypnosis Post Hypnotic Trigger Fun with Savannah

Had quite the giggle today when I was out grocery shopping saw the thickest cucumber. Now I realize that being a kinky phone sex operator my perception of every day items gets a bit skewed in life. Like my mind instantly switched into how many people handled that cucumber with the thought of fucking themselves with it?

erotic hypnosis

Come on I know if your reading my blog you thought the same thing the minute I said thick cucumber.

Course being an erotic hypnosis goddess my mind went to could I plant some hypnotic triggers in someones mind to have them moaning when they touched that cucumber. Well it would be rather fun. If not moan at least needing to buy it so they could have some ass fucking fun later on.

Sure you would be running home after purchasing a few such cucumbers so you could be an anal slut.

Now my question rolls too would that cucumber purchasing slut be a sissy boy or not?

Well guess that question will have to wait till someone eager to have a cucumber up their ass phones me to have those post hypnotic triggers embedded in their mind.

Nothing is off limits with an erotic hypnosis phone sex call with yours truly. Lets have some straight up fun. Maybe discuss what other things would be fun to slip into that tight ass.

Oh come to think of it perhaps some lube could be another good thing to add to the shopping list.

Just ask for Savannah


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