Erotic Hypnosis Glory Hole Experience with Savannah

We all know your calling for the fantasy. Some kinky desire you think about, yet arent willing to do. I wont force the issue its your fantasy. You can be who ever or what ever you wish. Though I shall say this, if your wondering what it would be like to be a nasty cock sucking slut without actually visiting a glory hole and having some strangers cock in your mouth, well then a little erotic hypnosis is just the ticket.

erotic hypnosis phone sex glory hole

You get the pleasure of the messy bathroom or naughty video room without even leaving your bedroom. The sensation of your knees hitting the messy floor with who knows what all over it. Your hands pressed up against a glazed wall of semen some other fuck spat out. The intensity of a thick cock slipping through that glory hole and into your virgin mouth.

All from the safety of your imagination.

Course instead of you visualizing yourself doing those things. I am driving the fantasy. Painting the filthy picture through the use of erotic hypnosis.

My sensual and seductive voice guiding you into a deep hypnotic trance and placing you into a glory hole of my own design. All you have to do is call and tell me you wish to be a glory hole slut. That your mouth yearns for some cum filled cock.

I know sounds simple enough right?

Well then what are you waiting for?

Just dial the number below and lets start your erotic hypnosis phone sex glory hole experience.


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