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Hello Phone Sex Hypno Lovers

Seems lately more and more new callers are stumbling upon my hypnosis site and taking a chance on calling which always pleases me. For I love sharing my favorite phone sex fetish and especially working my hypnotic web over your favorite fetish. Now I had originally thought I would do another hypno blog about the fetishes and calls that I was doing under hypnosis but then I realized that it would probably be far more interesting and of benefit to those new to my site and new to hypnosis to know what to sort of expect. Novel idea I know!

First off. I take a few minutes to find out what exactly brought you to hypnosis. For obviously you have a desire to go under but why now. Was it something you read or something else?

Once I know what brought you to me, its time to move on to what you do in a “normal phone sex session” now by that I just meaning one that does not involve hypnosis. Now there are some out there that are complete fetishists and will not stray from their fetish and are looking to up it a bit. Or are you someone who enjoys a certain fantasy, roleplay etc.

Now it is perfectly alright to go I have no idea, I am in your hands Savannah and I wanna see where this can go. I have heard that often enough. Really all that means to me is it is lady’s choice and well you will get to explore a hypnotic phone session with my top fetishes and fantasies. So watch out.

All I am trying to establish with finding out your fantasies or fetishes is basically how I am going to take you once your under my mind controlling trance. For some fetishes play themselves well to trigger play and having you float in and out of conscience. While other fantasies are best done with you never leaving that hypnotic state of deep relaxation. I can generally tell by talking to you how I want to take you. There are a few times where I go by the seat of my sexy panties and figure it out along the way.

Well I think I shall leave this hypno 101 there for now. For those looking to book a hypnosis phone sex call with me I can generally be found on during the evenings from 6 pm pst till 3 am pst. (This is a general time line, as there are days I am on a bit earlier and signing off a bit later)

Mesmerize you soon, Savannah*


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