Become Savannah’s Hypnotized Sex Slave

Shall admit after one rather horny weekend. I really do blame the weather its perfect curl up in bed and fuck type thing. Now as luck should have it my go to pillow pal was out of town. Which did leave my in a bit of a pout for there are times were you just […]

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex Mind Fucking with Savannah

As much fun as it is to introduce people to erotic hypnosis phone sex, its always so much fun talking to those that have dove deep into my sensual trance. To see how the embedded triggers affect them. How I can call upon them and twist those triggers for my own personal pleasure. Sure they […]

Savannah Does Hypno Enhanced Humiliation Phone Sex

Humiliation phone sex can be such an interesting mind fuck for there is many levels in which one craves the humiliation. There is the verbal humiliation of calling you all sorts of wonderful derogatory names that will have you masturbating. Then there is the humiliation that has you performing acts that you wouldnt do normally […]

Ready for an Orgasm Phone Sex Challenge?

In my midst of deciding what to blog. It was one of those do I write about a call or just a random topic type of situation. That is when Bathroom Wanker called up. He is a name that has graced my blog on number of occasions. Through his various needs to be humiliated during […]

Giantess Phone Sex

The thought of sitting across from you on some blind date. My friend completely lied to me about you. Your far shorter than I normally date but that wont stop me from having a little bit of fun with you. I mean right now your as tall as me. I naturally prefer men who are […]

Humiliating Hypnosis Phone Sex

Hello Hypnosis Lovers Last night I heard from bathroom wanker. Pretty much that is the nickname that works the best for that hypnosis lover for every humiliating hypnosis phone sex call he has done with me he has been laying on the bathroom floor. I have blogged about my bathroom wanker before in this special […]

Mind Fuck Phone Sex

Hello Hypnosis Phone Sex Lovers I got an interesting greeting from a caller the other night. My hypnosis blogs are too arousing. Hmmm really that is a problem. He had fallen under my hypnotic trance a few times and goes under rather deeply. Taking him into a complete mind fuck. Planting my hypnotic triggers and […]

Sensual Tease and Denial Hypnosis

Hello Hypnosis Lovers My hypnotic voice has been working its way into a certain someone who has a fondness for pantyhose. That is how our phone sex hypnosis session start was to be a sensual tease and denial around his pantyhose fetish . Taking him into the hypnotic world where its so much more than […]

Succubus Hypnosis

Hello Hypno Lovers Welcome to Spring. I know most are probably under snow still. On the west coast we have had some interesting weather to say the least. Those watching the Olympics saw many flowers out in the middle of February and well we had an early spring. Not like we are complaining at all. […]

Hypnotic Triggers

Hello Hypno Lovers Tonight I got to take a new mind under my control. Bill had been under hypnosis a number of times over the last two years. He like some had found a HypnoMistress he liked but due to circumstances beyond his control found himself looking for a new HypnoMistress as his had opted […]