Erotic Trance with Hypno Goddess Savannah

Spring is here on the west coast. The flowers are blooming and it just feels so good to be out in the wonderful sun again. That joy only being in nature brings. Course some of you know the joy my erotic trance brings you as well. The way your drift down under my hypnotic spell […]

Hypnotic Body Worship Phone Sex Fantasy with Savannah

Is there a certain body part on a woman that just gets your cock throbbing? Neck, Breasts, Legs, Hands, Feet, Pussy. Really it could be anywhere. You could stare at that special erotic space on a woman for hours. Your mind racing on all the things you would want to do with that special place. […]

Erotic Hypnosis Glory Hole Experience with Savannah

We all know your calling for the fantasy. Some kinky desire you think about, yet arent willing to do. I wont force the issue its your fantasy. You can be who ever or what ever you wish. Though I shall say this, if your wondering what it would be like to be a nasty cock […]

Hypno Goddess Savnnah Makes You a Hypnotized Sex Toy

I wanna use you. That got your attention now didnt it? The thought that your Hypno Goddess would take control of your mind just so she could use your body for what she wants. For yes I do have my own personal desires. Some times I want nothing more than to have a man just […]

Erotic Hypnosis Post Hypnotic Trigger Fun with Savannah

Had quite the giggle today when I was out grocery shopping saw the thickest cucumber. Now I realize that being a kinky phone sex operator my perception of every day items gets a bit skewed in life. Like my mind instantly switched into how many people handled that cucumber with the thought of fucking themselves […]

Supernatural Phone Sex Hypnosis with Savannah

Perhaps its the impending full moon on January 31st that has me craving some supernatural phone sex fantasies. Well I shouldnt really blame the moon for I do have a fondness for those supernatural scenarios. From witches to wolves to vampires. Heck all of its rather interesting when you spin it with a hypnotic twist. […]

Become Savannah’s Hypnotized Sex Slave

Shall admit after one rather horny weekend. I really do blame the weather its perfect curl up in bed and fuck type thing. Now as luck should have it my go to pillow pal was out of town. Which did leave my in a bit of a pout for there are times were you just […]

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex Mind Fucking with Savannah

As much fun as it is to introduce people to erotic hypnosis phone sex, its always so much fun talking to those that have dove deep into my sensual trance. To see how the embedded triggers affect them. How I can call upon them and twist those triggers for my own personal pleasure. Sure they […]

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Sensual Savannah

Well, hello. It’s so nice to hear from you again. How have you been since we talked last week? Oh, you’ve had a rough week so far? You know how much I hate to hear that. But don’t fret. I know exactly what you need, and I’m more than ready to give it to you. […]

Erotic Mind Control

I often say that once you go under for me you will always have my voice embedded within your mind. You can close your eyes and think of me and my voice will just start to tickle your ears. Your mind will crave to fall deeper and deeper into my mind control trance. Can’t say […]