Erotic Trance with Hypno Goddess Savannah

Spring is here on the west coast. The flowers are blooming and it just feels so good to be out in the wonderful sun again. That joy only being in nature brings. Course some of you know the joy my erotic trance brings you as well. The way your drift down under my hypnotic spell […]

Feminization Hypnosis Trance with Savannah

The other day I got to do a feminization hypnosis trance on someone. Now erotic hypnosis is great for those who love to feel feminine or dress up all girly but dont have the time to do so. Lets face it getting pretty is time consuming and often the hours of the day just dont […]

Erotic Hypnosis Post Hypnotic Trigger Fun with Savannah

Had quite the giggle today when I was out grocery shopping saw the thickest cucumber. Now I realize that being a kinky phone sex operator my perception of every day items gets a bit skewed in life. Like my mind instantly switched into how many people handled that cucumber with the thought of fucking themselves […]

Big Breast Transformation Erotic Hypnosis Fantasy with Savannah

Do you like large breasts? Now I am not really talking about large breasts on a woman but more you think it would be super hot to masturbate while playing with your large breasts? Oh yes! I know your thinking I am off my rocker now but just follow along for a moment. If your […]

Cock Controlling Phone Sex Hypnosis Fantasy with Savannah

There is never any doubt that I enjoy a cock controlling phone sex fantasy. For there is just something so exciting about listening to a man beg as I bring him to yet another orgasmic edge. Knowing full well that his begs will be met with my most cock throbbing of laughs. Yes I most […]

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex Mind Fucking with Savannah

As much fun as it is to introduce people to erotic hypnosis phone sex, its always so much fun talking to those that have dove deep into my sensual trance. To see how the embedded triggers affect them. How I can call upon them and twist those triggers for my own personal pleasure. Sure they […]

Hypnotic Cum Eating Phone Sex

There is so much more to cum eating phone sex then telling you to eat that sticky white goo on your belly. I mean your not calling me after you cum. No your calling when your rock hard wanting me to coax you into it. To tempt you into desiring that cum even more than […]

Hypnosis Phone Sex Humiliation

Hello Hypno Lovers For those that have followed my hypnosis phone sex blog you have seen this name pop up a time or two; Bathroom Wanker. He is the one that sneaks into the bathroom late at night while his wife is sound asleep so he can submit to his Hypno Goddess. The load that […]

Cum Eating Trigger

Hello Hypno Lovers Often times I get calls from men who have an infatuation with their own cum. That infatuation has lead them to having a desire to eat it. But as many have found when faced with a palm full of sticky jizzy they just cant slurp it up. For what ever reason once […]

Wanker showing his Servitude

Hello Hypno Lovers Over the last few hypnosis blogs you have gotten to know bathroom wanker and his quest to show his servitude to his Hypno Mistress via his humiliation. Each call increasing the level of humiliation. The latest humiliation hypnosis session is no different. It started with him telling me about some of the […]