Humiliation Hypnosis

Hello Hypno Lovers Most are familiar with Bathroom Wanker and his affection for humiliation hypnosis phone sex calls. Well true to form yet again Bathroom Wanker was calling me up for another round of humiliation hypnosis craving to go down so deep that even his very soul was humiliated. This round of humiliation had him […]

Hands Free Orgasm Phone Sex

Hello Hypno Lovers The other day I got to weave my hypnotic charm on a new mind. Someone looking for a hypnotic hands free orgasm. He had tried many times to reach this level of orgasmic bliss with other Hypno Mistress but it wasnt till me that he finally achieved the desired effect he was […]

Hypnotic Control

Hello Hypnosis Lovers Well the Olympics are over and have to say feeling that Olympic withdrawl. For most of the games I was laid out with laryngitis so I had nothing more to do other than sit around in my cami and panties while watching the games. Yes they were red and white to show […]

Hands Free Orgasms and Transformation Hypnosis

Hello Hypno Sluts I swear everytime I go to do a blog. The phone rings, I am not complaining but I have restarted this blog about 6 times now. My mission tonight is to at least be able to post a blog.. What can I say for what ever reason the stars aligned or my […]