Cat Suit Fetish

Hello Hypno Phone Sex Lovers

Happy Halloween! I know quite a few of you are enjoying the freedom Halloween some of you dressing up in outfits that enhance your fetish. Such as those sissy boys dressing up as street walkers. But the phone sex caller that I got to talk to over the weekend was face to face with his hypnotic fantasy. A woman dressed as a cat wearing a black cat suit with gloves trimmed in fur.

He couldn’t keep his eyes off her. For she was wearing his fetish ~ a cat suit. Part of him wanted to leave and masturbate thinking of that tight catsuit that hugged every curve of her body and the other part of him wanted to stay and memorize her every movement.

Well he managed to stay there for awhile but when he came home he was itching for a call with his Hypno Goddess so that he could tell me all the dirty details of his night out.

Course I took those dirty details and spun a hypnosis phone sex fantasy that had him quivering with excitement diving into his catsuit fetish. For in this erotic fantasy not only was she wearing a catsuit but so was he. The way he was so aroused just hearing you have a catsuit on almost had his cock exploding.


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