Big Breast Transformation Erotic Hypnosis Fantasy with Savannah

Do you like large breasts? Now I am not really talking about large breasts on a woman but more you think it would be super hot to masturbate while playing with your large breasts?

transformation erotic hypnosis

Oh yes! I know your thinking I am off my rocker now but just follow along for a moment. If your someone with a breast fetish and love the idea of hard nipples rolling around in your finger tips. The caressing of soft breasts while your stroking your cock. Well for some its merely a thought. Just some place to take your mind.

Well with some erotic hypnosis phone sex you can go from imagining to feeling the sensation of it. Course you dont just have to have a breast fetish to enjoy this type of erotic hypnosis. Perhaps your a sissy and desire to know what having breasts feels like that is all possible with transformation erotic hypnosis.

All you really have to do is bring your thought that has you stroking around breasts and I will work my hypnotic spell over you. Guiding your stroking and your mind to a new level of masturbation excitement.

Oh and if you have a preference on tits let me know for I always seem to go with bigger the better with a transformation erotic hypnosis phone sex fantasy. Course the nipples are always extra sensitive.


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