Age Regression Hypnosis

Hello Hypno Lovers

Well I have had a few new callers call me the last few weeks. Now the interesting thing with new callers is that they bring a new fantasies and fetishes. For I had a caller the other day wishing to dive into the world of age regression hypnosis. I have to say I dont blog about it very often. I get some calls for it but I just one of those girls that gravitate more towards the tease and denial side of things or the sensual domme area of hypnosis. Now don’t get me wrong when I say all fantasies and fetishes explored under hypnosis I truly mean it. But I guess I just attract the men looking for more a tease and denial type of call or the hypnotic mind fuck experience. Perhaps its time to widen my horizens and put out a call to more age regression guys looking to go under a hypno trance.

Well I should be running trying to up date a bunch of blogs tonight. Gonna see how far I get. Perhaps some distraction would be in order. Just give me a call for a hypnotic phone sex session



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