Age Regression Hypnosis

Hello Hypno Lovers! Age Regression Hypnosis is one of those fantasies that I don’t blog about often and I am always left wondering why after I have an interesting regression hypnosis fantasy. Such as the case with my call the other night. A caller came in search of being put under so that he could be regressed to the point where he lost his virginity.

I know my eyebrows raised up at the thought of that erotic fantasy.

regression hypnosis

To go back to being 18 and feel the sensation of sliding his cock into that tight wet pussy for the first time. The excitement. The nerves. The heart racing. But most the feeling of cock exploding from something other than hand jerking.

Now really for this erotic hypnosis fantasy to work I need to gather a few details of that night. So that I can create the perfect setting. So for those of you that want to go back to your devirgining night or maybe there is another night within your sexual experience that you would love to recreate or that certain someone.

Can’t wait to see where an age regression hypnosis fantasy takes us.


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